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This web site first appeared in November 1998 to try to fill a gap. Until that time there were very few web pages available with any information about Ashton. Since the web site first appeared, it has been expanded and developed.

Information about Ashton under Lyne

  • What's On in Ashton
  • Shopping in Ashton
  • Transport in Ashton
  • Aerial photos of Ashton and Mossley
  • Maps and historic maps of Ashton
  • Services and facilities in Ashton
  • Where to stay in and around Ashton
  • Entertainments in Ashton
  • Where is Ashton under Lyne?

    History of Ashton under Lyne

  • How did Ashton get its name?
  • St Michael's Parish Church
  • Well-known People
  • The Cotton Industry in Ashton
  • Coal Mining in Ashton
  • Ashton Old Hall
  • The Old Swimming Baths
  • The Tythe Stone
  • Park Bridge
  • Fairbottom Bobs
  • Hartshead Pike
  • The Black Knight
  • The Murphy Riots
  • The Ashton Explosion
  • Canals in Ashton
  • Historic maps of Ashton
  • Francis Thompson, poet

    Local Traditions

  • The Black Knight
  • Whit Walks
  • Whit Friday Band Contests
  • Tameside Canals Festival

    Discussion Forum

  • Places to Visit in Ashton under Lyne

  • Portland Basin Museum
  • Museum of the Manchesters
  • Setantii - Tales of Tameside
  • St Michael's Parish Church
  • Stamford Park
  • Park Bridge
  • Daisy Nook Country Park
  • The Canals in Ashton

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  • Sending and receiving emails
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  • Avoiding Viruses
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  • Jargon and Abbreviations used on the Internet
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