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The Spirit of Ashton under Lyne

The Spirit of Ashton under Lyne

"The Spirit of Ashton under Lyne" is a recently-published book which is stirring enthusiasm among those interested in Ashton's past.

Its author, local historian Joyce Raven, has written the book as a sort of tour around Ashton, featuring a wonderful collection of old photographs along with a number of new ones to bring her story up to date.

This is not an inacessible text-heavy tome but a collection of around 170 photographs and some 20 drawings accompanied by detailed captions. You could become engrossed in the book for several hours or you could just happily dip into it from time to time.

The captions are packed with interesting snippets of information that put the photographs into a histoical perspective and demonstrate the research that the author has put into the preparation of the book. Even those who know quite a lot about Ashton's history are sure to discover something new!

The virtual tour in the book takes the reader around the town centre, to the West End, Waterloo, Daisy Nook, Park Bridge, Knott Hill, Hurst and Stamford Park.

Some of the photos are from personal collections and appear for the first time, giving an intriguing glimpse into the lives of people in Ashton in past years, capturing the "spirit" of the town, as suggested by the book's title.

The author, Joyce Raven, who was born in Ashton and is now chairman of Stalybridge Historical Society, has previously co-written books with colleague Alan Rose.

The book is from The Horizon Press's Landmark Collector's Library. It is priced at £9.99 and can be bought in local book shops or online.

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