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Amazon's Prices

On these pages you will find a selection of books and maps, available from, which have been carefully chosen to be of interest to visitors to this site.

If you wish to buy something shown on these pages, click the link to it, put the item into your "shopping trolley" and use the Back button if you wish to come back and choose more. When you are ready to order, click "go to checkout".

If you wish to look at more than one item, you can use your back button to return to these pages. Any items in your basket should still be there when you go back to the Amazon site. Alternatively you may wish to open links in a new tab or window (right-click on link).

Prices shown on these pages were correct at the time of writing but many may have changed.
Prices are shown as a guide only. Please follow the links to check the current prices.

Some hard-to-find items may be subject to an additional handling charge of £1.99. If this is known, it is included in the price shown here. Please follow the links and check the details on Amazon's pages.

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Delivery Charges

At present, Amazon are offering free delivery to UK addresses on orders of £5 and above.

(There is a delivery charge for express deliveries, overseas deliveries or for products ordered from one of Amazon's partners, e.g. second-hand books. These charges depend on the type of products ordered and the number of items. Details can be found on the Amazon website, under "Help".)

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