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Setantii - Tales of Tameside

There is a new attraction inside the Town Hall of Ashton under Lyne, in addition to the Museum of the Manchester Regiment. A new Visitor Centre opened there in 2002, called Setantii - Tales of Tameside - a new way of exploring the history of the Tameside area.

The name Setantii comes from the name of an ancient British tribe who lived in the area up to the time of the Roman conquest.

Setantii Setantii Setantii

The exhibitions feature aspects of life in the area from Celtic times and the effects of the Roman, Viking and Norman invasions. A medieval market is depicted, along with life in Tudor times and the Civil War. Other displays show the development of industry and transport, Victorian and Twentieth Century Tameside plus a feature on "The People who Made Tameside".

Unfortunately from 2nd April 2012 the Setantii museum is no longer open.

Ashton Town Halll
Setantii is inside Ashton Town Hall.

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