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Crowhill, Photographs of Ashton

Gallery 10

Crowhill, Ashton under Lyne
Crowhill Shops on Crowhill Road, Ashton.
Ambleside Avenue, Ashton under Lyne
Ambleside Avenue, Crowhill, Ashton.
Keswick Avenue, Ashton under Lyne
Keswick Avenue, Crowhill, Ashton.
Patterdale Road, Ashton under Lyne
Patterdale Road, with the Church of Latterday Saints.
Wordsworth Crescent, Ashton under Lyne
Wordsworth Crescent on the modern development at Crowhill.
Wordsworth Crescent, Ashton under Lyne
Wordsworth Crescent, Crowhill.
Inglewood Close, Ashton under Lyne
Inglewood Close, off Wordsworth Crescent.
The Woodcock, Ashton under Lyne
The Woodcock Inn, Newmarket Road, Taunton.
Newmarket Road, Ashton under Lyne
Newmarket Road, Taunton, Ashton, near the Clock Shop.
The Clock Shop, Ashton under Lyne
The Clock Shop, on the corner of Newmarket Road and Downing Street, now minus its landmark clock.

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