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Currier Lane and Cockbrook, Photographs of Ashton

Gallery 9

Currier Lane, Ashton under Lyne
Historic cottages on Currier Lane, once the main thoroughfare between Ashton and Stalybridge.
Currier Lane, Ashton under Lyne
Looking down Currier Lane towards St Michaels Church, Ashton.
Grafton Street, Ashton under Lyne
Elegant terraced houses on Grafton Street, off Currier Lane.
Currier Lane, Ashton under Lyne
Terraced garden cottages on Currier Lane.
Brookfield, Ashton under Lyne
Brookfield, once a grand mill-owners house, now divided into two residences.
Sunnyside, Ashton under Lyne
Sunnyside, a large mansion off Currier Lane, now split into apartments.
Milestone, Currier Lane, Ashton under Lyne
This old milestone on Currier Lane shows that this was once the main route through the area. The word "Manchester" was removed in the Second World War, to confuse any invading Germans.
Currier Lane, Ashton under Lyne
Garden cottages on Currier Lane.
Stamford Square, Cockbrook
Stamford Square, Cockbrook, looking east along the A635 towards Stamford Park and Stalybridge, with the former St Gabriel's School on the left.

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