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Mossley Road and Hurst Cross, Photographs of Ashton

Gallery 8

Ladysmith Barracks Gates, Ashton under Lyne
The Ladysmith Barracks on Mossley Road were once the proud home of the Manchester Regiment. Now a modern housing estate lies within the preserved gates and wall.
Mossley Road, Ashton under Lyne
The Heroes of Waterloo public house, Mossley Road, Ashton.
Tameside Hospital, Ashton under Lyne
Tameside Hospital, from Fountain Street.
Oddfellows Arms, Ashton under Lyne
The Oddfellows Arms on Kings Road.
St Johns Church, Hurst Cross
St Johns Church, Hurst Cross.
Church Inn, Hurst Cross
The Church Inn on Kings Road, Hurst Cross.
Hare and Hounds, Hurst Cross
The Hare and Hounds, Kings Road, Hurst Cross.
Hurst Cross, Ashton under Lyne
Hurst Cross, at the junction of Kings Road, Queens Road and Lees Road.
Hurst Cross, Ashton under Lyne
A closer view of Hurst Cross. Hartshead Pike can be seen in the distance.
Lees Road, Ashton under Lyne
Looking along Lees Road towards Oldham, with St Christophers Church on the right.
St Christophers Church, Ashton under Lyne
St Christophers Church, Lees Road.
The Mere, Ashton under Lyne
The Mere, off Gorsey Lane.

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