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Contributing to the Internet

Since these pages were first made one of the biggest changes to the internet is the way that it is now easy for everyone to contribute to the internet.

At one time, apart from sharing your thoughts through newsgroups and discussion forums, you had to learn how to create web sites in order to have a web presence. Now, with what has become known as Web 2.0, it is easy to share your ideas, photos, etc. with your friends or the world in general!


A blog (or web log) is like an online diary where you can write your thoughts on things that interest you, either daily or from time to time.

You just need to sign up with a blogging web site, which does all the technical work for you. You have the option to customise it to a look and feel that you like.

Blogging web sites include Blogger, Word Press, Type Pad, Vox.

Video and Photo Sharing:

Video sharing web sites include YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, PhotoBucket, MetaCafe, Blinkx (video search only).

Photo sharing web sites include Flickr, PhotoBucket, Zooomr.

Social Networks:

Social networking sites let you create your own space, visit other's spaces, leave messages, create communities, etc.

They include MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, Facebook, Multiply, Xanga, Tribe, Bebo, Friendster, Friends Reunited.

Social Bookmarking:

Website that let you share your favourite sites with others include, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit.


Other sites that you can contribute content to include Geograph, Wikipedia.

Be Careful!

Take care not to give away your telephone number or address on social networking sites as you have no idea whether other people are who they say they are. Public messages can be viewed by anybody. Even be wary of giving your email address or personal details about yourself in private messages unless you feel sure about the other person. If you arrange to meet someone be sure that other people know where you are going!

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