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Changing Street Names of Ashton under Lyne

This page lists street names that have changed. The accompanying page looks at the origins of some Ashton street names.

Changing Street Names of Ashton under Lyne

A surprising number of streets in Ashton have had their names changed over the years. In many cases this happened where two streets had the same name, particularly after the inclusion of Hurst and Limehurst into the town.

current name older name(s)
Stamford Street New Street, Henrietta Street
Old Street Manchester Road
Old Square The Circus, King's Square
Market Avenue ("The Avenue") Fletcher Arcade, Market Arcade
Henry Square New Square
St Michael's Square Old Market Place
Scotland Street Town Gate, Town Street
Crickets Lane Cricketty
Market Street Cowhill Lane, Dungeon Street
Cork Street The Pingot
Fletcher Street Cross Street
Swan Street (northern part) Ebenezer Place
Swan Street (southern part) Crab Street, Crab Lane
Penny Meadow Katherine Street
Mulberry Street Saxons Yard
Stamford Arcade Flag Alley
Wood Street Foundry Street
Wellington Street Rosemary Lane
Fleet Street Peaceable Street
Williamson Street Walton Street
Coulthard Street Eldon Place
Warrington Street (northern end) Orange Street
Marlborough Street Blandford Street
Kelvin Street Dean Street West
Kershaw Street New Duncan Street, Duncan Street West
Audenshaw Road (Guide Bridge) North Street
Slate Lane Slade Lane
current name older name(s)
Taunton Road Peggotty Lane
Newmarket Road Toll Bar Lane
Earnshaw Street Taunton Street
Patterdale Road (northern end) Cavendish Street
Manor Farm Close Paradise Street
Ney Street Cow Lane
Anglesey Road Anglesea Street
Colwyn Street George Street, Bangor Street
Worthington Close Williamson Street
Wellington Clough Wellington Street West
Downshaw Road Wellington Street East
Vale Street Hill Street
Tree House Avenue Buckley Street
Oaken Street Chapel Street
Platting Grove Downing Grove
Buttermere Road (eastern end) Reynor Lane, Rayners Lane
Knowle Avenue (west of Taunton Road) Rothwell Street
Knowle Avenue (east of Taunton Road) Leech Street
Rock Street (off Langham Street) Gordon Street
current name older name(s)
Holden Street (upper part) Church Street
Holden Street (lower part) Water Street
Romney Street Sugar Lane
Cowhill Lane (northern part) Junction Street
Mount Pleasant Street (western part) Mount Street
Forest Street Wood Street
Pot Hill Hillgate Street, Front Lane
Bengal Lane Coal Pit Lane
Union Road Hurst Lane, Back Lane
Clarence Road (off Union Road) Stanhope Road
Broadoak Road Fir Lane
Montague Road (northern end) Freeman Avenue
Montague Road (southern end) Montague Street
Queens Square Queen Street
Queens Road Queen Street
Kings Road (western half) Crookt Withens, Longshutts, Hurst Knowles Lane, Hurst Knoll Lane, Lower King Street
Kings Road (eastern half) Cross Acre Lane, Upper King Street
Rose Hill Road (top part) Mellor Road
Kenworthy Avenue (western end) George Street
Hampson Road (northern end) Hill Street
St Christophers Road Broadoak Road
Rowley Street (southern end) John Street
Carr Street Carrs Street, Lark Street
Whittaker Street Albion Street
Old Lees Street Grey Street
Alderley Street Stanley Street (western end), Chapel Street (eastern end)
Cedar Street William Street
Rodney Street Heys Street
East Street (Whiteacre Road/Princess Street) West Street
Arlies Street (eastern end) Peel Street

See also the origins of Ashton's street names.

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